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Françoise Bergaglia

Laurence Mieg
INTERRACOTTA is regularly involved in partnerships with other creative craftsmen to create novel pieces, real encounters between know-how and materials.
Ceramic and Canework :
"C... as..."

" 2016 November... A meeting in a art-crafts professional  show ... Laurence Mieg canework specialist suggests to Françoise Bergaglia ceramist to associate canework and ceramic for new creations in interior design.
Françoise Bergaglia lover of  noble materials is seduced by the proposal.
Months of tries and developments are following mainly around large disks of earthenware and stoneware to associate materials and know-how.

For Laurence Mieg it is the opportunity to create new contemporary patterns for canework and to assert the multiple destinations of its discipline beyond the traditional seat.
For Françoise Bergaglia, after the leather, the straw and the glass, it is a new dialogue between noble materials in favour of an opened-mind ceramic art.

One year later exactly, in 2017 November,  they present jointly the result of this work  around their first common creations : lamps, wall decoration and claustra.

Pieces  inaugurated on the occasion of : 

SIMA Salon International des Métiers d'Art  - Louvre Lens du 3 au 5 nov.(IMAP organisateur)


More pictures very soon !